Why Marriages Fail

Why Marriages Fail

MAY. 27, 2010 ( - The recent spate of celebrity infidelity cases leads Mark Stricherz to ask what causes marriages to fail.

He rejects most pop psychology explanations in favor of something much simpler.

Couples just don’t spend enough time together.

One family expert puts it this way.

spending time together was one of the strongest predictors of marital happiness. The reverse is also true – the happier that people are in their marriage, the more time they will spend with their spouse. This finding holds over time too. When spouses increase the amount of time they spend together, their marital happiness increases (on average).

The specific recommendations for relationship health are a little daunting, at least for certain periods of life.

Willard Harley, for example, recommends couples spend two hours a night together—I don’t know if that’s feasible with a newborn and multiple other children in the house.

Maybe with a lot of coffee and B12 shots.

Still, it’s a good reminder that a marriage must be fed and tended, not taken for granted and put in second place.

Stricherz suggests, too, this may be true the danger of tv and computer use.

It’s not the potentially harmful content, but what you’re missing.

We’ve talked about date nights here before. How about daily time together? What are your tips and trade secrets for connecting day in and day out?

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